Relaxing Sleep Sounds for Amazon Alexa

And Google Assistant! (Android/iOS coming eventually :) )

Why Choose Relaxing Sleep Sounds? Relaxing Sleep Sounds offers a wide variety of high quality sleep sounds with enhanced looping (plays 5 hours before looping) and a 12-hour paid version on Alexa (or try wakeup sounds)! The paid version offers a 31 day free trial.

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Ocean Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Ocean Sounds

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Rain Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Rain Sounds

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Thunderstorm Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Thunderstorm Sounds

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Babbling Brook
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Babbling Brook

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Relaxing Sleep Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds:Rain on the River

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Air Conditioner
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: AC Unit

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Relaxing Sleep Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds (Rain, Ocean, Thunder)

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Fan Sounds
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Fan Sounds

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Windy Trees
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Windy Trees

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White Noise
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: White Noise

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Brown Noise
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Brown Noise

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Pink Noise
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Pink Noise

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Blue Noise
Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Blue Noise

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More Coming
More Sounds on the way!
Niagara Falls: Fireplace:

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How do I use these skills?

  1. Enable the one you want: Click the enable on Amazon button for the sound you want to use. (or say the full name of the skill to ensure you enable the correct one "Open Relaxing Sleep Sounds: Rain Sounds")
  2. Go through settings: Decide if you want to try the free trial of gold edition, and then go through settings to set your preferences (like looping and wakeup sound options), you can access these again later by "Alexa, ask Rain sounds to open settings" (or the name of your specific sound)
  3. Enjoy! We'll never bother you with an upsell again, each time you open the skill it will go straight into your chosen sound!

Are these really free?

Yes they are! (a paid version is also available and has a 31 day free trial then you will be charged $1.99/month) Relaxing sleep sounds offers 5 hour audio files that can loop for free! Most other sleep sound skills offer 1 hour audio and charge to upgrade to 4 hour! Our paid version offers 12 hour audio files a cool feature called wake up sounds.

What are wakeup sounds? Why do I need them in my life?

Wakeup sounds are peaceful ambient noise like birds chirping in a german forest, church bells or a babbling brook (with more on the way). Most of the skills above can transition from your white noise sound to a wakeup sound when it is time to wake up allowing you to wake up more peacfully. They are quite fantastic to wake up with.

How else can I listen to these amazing sounds?

Relaxing sleep sounds are currently available on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Soundcloud. We are also working currently on getting them on all the major music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. And of course Android and iOS!

What commands are available for these skills?

  • "Alexa, ask rain sounds to open settings" (allows you to enable/disable looping and set other preferences with Gold Edition such as wake up time and wake sound)
  • "Alexa, ask rain sounds to upgrade" (US/UK only, starts a 31 day free trial of Gold Edition)
  • "Alexa, ask rain sounds to cancel subscription"